The Story of a Tough Chicken

There's a great story in AdAge today by Mitzi Perdue, Frank Perdue's widow.

In the article Ms. Perdue states that "in the late 1960s, when chicken was viewed as a commodity, Frank decided to do what no chicken farmer had done before. He took a 10-week absence from running his company, went to New York and began a full-time study of the theory and practice of advertising."

The fact that he would take 10 weeks out to make an important decision says a lot about Frank Perdue and his business. Thoroughness pays off. There really isn't a replacement for knowledge and understanding to get the story right. Frank was the story. I don't think that every agency would take the time to fully understand that. In the end it was good decisions by Mr. Perdue and his agency, Scali, McCabe, Sloves.