A Dog of a Story with Animated GIFs

Everybody has seen the plethora of animated gifs. Although they've never been especially difficult to create, the combination of smartphones and apps seems have lead to a virtual explosion. Most of them are simple. Some of them are funny. But mostly they are just one-off things done seemingly on a whim. They don't have to be.

Here's what happens when you take it to the next level in storytelling. Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg teamed up with Dogfish Head Ale to create a series of gifs that tells the story of company's new Tweason'ale made with fresh strawberries, sorghum and honey.

Using a series of animated gifs they tell the complete story of making the unique brew. It's an elegant, interesting and engaging approach. By not using video, they stand apart. Yet the gif's still bring action to the story, much more than a standard photo shoot with even great photography. There's a lot to like about this story.

The story is still central, just enhanced by the execution. If you've seen other creative executions of simple stories we'd love to hear about them. If you have a great story that needs a creative execution we'd love to talk.