Letting Readers Build Their (Your) Story vs. Puking on the Page

When it comes to communicating large amounts of information with customers there are two schools of thought. One is attractive. And the other is not. You can organize your information or products in a logical fashion for your customers. You can study patterns and lead customers to an objective that meets their needs and your goals. Think Target. It's very obvious that the store layout and product placement has been carefully considered. Things are where you expect to find them. Along the way are things that also might be of interest to you. Those aren't random acts. You're deciding your path, but Target is helping you along. Amazon has done the same thing and set the bar on the web.

Or you can just puke it all out and let the customer figure it out. When described this way, it seems that no one would knowingly do this. You rarely see any retail stores follow this path ... with a few exceptions. It's like a bad yard sale. But when it comes to websites it happens all of the time.

If you see a bad website (or have a bad website) pass it along. I'd love to see it and take a stab a restructuring it, hypothetically or for real.