Consistent Brand Story vs New Stories

"Stick to the script." You've no doubt heard the phrase over and over. You might have said it yourself. In the first initial conversation, it's true. You want to be consistent with your story to hit the right brand points that resonate. But what happens in the second contact?

Every body knows somebody that only has one story that they tell over and over. Every time the conversation turns toward the subject of their story, you know. Here it comes. It probably is a great story. It's just not interesting the tenth time you hear it. Sadly, this is often that persons only or last experience on the subject.

The same is true for your brand - you need to keep making new stories. That doesn't mean that you forget about your brand. On the contrary, you expand your brand and give it life by continuing to tell your story in new yet consistent ways that are true to your brand.

The video below is a perfect example of this in practice. The new lobby in the Cosmopolitan Hotel pushes what the experience should be. It is consistent and yet new at the same time.