Content Marketing, Brand Stories and Coca-Cola

At the beginning of this year, Coca-Cola announced that content marketing would be central to their marketing communications going forward. Fortunately, Joe Pulizzi, reposted this great piece on Coke 2020, because I missed it the first time. Liquid content and becoming less :30 second-centric signals several things in my mind.

First, it's shows acceptance that even world's largest and most powerful marketer can't continue to build market share by marketing force and dollars alone. As the consumer assumes control of the messages they receive, you'll have to engage, listen and include the audience to be part of it.

Second, brand stories aren't going away. But how you develop and tell them will be collaborative with your audience going forward. Anything less than genuinely authentiic will fail.

Third, this content marketing stuff works. That's the best news for marketers that aren't goliath marketers like Coca-Cola. They're have to work to appear small. The rest of us just have to be ourselves.

Check out these videos of Coca-Cola Content 2020.

Part I - Brand Stories

Part II - More Liquid Content