Revealing your Personality Tells your Story

A recent BtoB article

Conveying Personality states that "A company's advertising is the best opportunity it has to reflect the corporate personality..." I agree and disagree. Advertising might be great opportunity to create a personality for your brand. But there is a risk. If the crafted personality doesn't match your actual brand story, doesn't match what your customers and the public actually experience, they you've more than failed. You've created distrust. Much like the stainless steel DeLorean "sports car," you've over promised and under delivered. That's not what you want for your brand story.

Instead work to create and tell your brand story at every opportunity. Not just in your ads. It should be in how you answer the phone. How your office looks. Certainly your website. In fact, it could be argued that there are hundreds of touch points that have more impact than any ad. That's where you convey your personality.

You have more control than you think. Make sure your story is ready.

Where do you think is the most impact-full place to tell your brand story and reveal your brand personality?